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This is great!! The animation+art look super swell and I love the story of it all. It's really well done, nice job on it all :D!
Happy Madness day!! I hope you're able to recover quickly

This is an incredibly interesting animation, gotta say I love the way it's animated aswell as the art itself. It's very well done and really easy to get invested into, I'm already excited for the next chapter lol. Could go on about how much I like it but for now, great work to everyone involved, It's a really enjoyable watch :D!

Oh wow this is super awesome!!!!! The animation+art in this is really beautiful, real incredible work!! I also really like this song lol. Very good job on it all!! :D!!

sharkkbyte responds:

tysssm!! :]

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i love you madness project nexus

I really love the art and the animation, as well as the humor and gameplay. It really takes me back to when being a lil kid excited for and playing the new Henry games. It's a nice dedication to the series, and it's quite fun :D really nice work on it all, gj!

a, i am too hoomosexual oto play properly soryr newogurnds

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Oh hell yeah :D your art + style is always great dude, love the choice of colors for this!!

s-zenmode responds:

Thank you so much

PS: your name is in the image

I hate you joe hawley I'm crying so hard You haunt my nightmares I cant sleep at night Everyday is Horrible This is a really good darwing joe hawley i really kil you my penis is gone

This is beautiful I really cried so hard at his funeral its so sad that Liam died im going to miss him so much im so sad he downed in his own pee pee its relly sad he even lost his penis im going to miss him a lot i saw his funerl so sad i really miss Liam its so sad he died in his own piss but im glad hes allow to be remember i this beutiful art its so beaitful im crying so hard into my pillow and bed its soaking wet right now because im crying so hard i miss liam i hope he does not die like this again its so sad he lost his penis to dying in piss i miss him so much goodbye liam friday night funkin sleepover au

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